Katha Stitch

Hailing from the Land of West Bengal, the popular style of embroidery is an extraordinary showcase of traditional skill and creativity. It is a special form a rural art that seamlessly blends with the modern fashion world. Thus, we use that age-old art in the new-age products to bring personalized items for you. This is a kind of art that is mainly done on rugs. However, the embroidery on rungs brings out an amazing result. This is a form that can be traced back to the ancient pre-Vedic era. That is the reason most of the images reflected showcases the essence of nature. You will come across things such as the sun, tree of life, and universe. There is also cultural significance of this art form along with religious reflections. This art form is not found in factories but created mainly by the home-makers of rural Bengal. The reflection of this art creates an outstanding effect that you will surely love.