Gemstone Art

This special kind of technique is done with precious or semi-precious gem stones. The popular kind used are emerald, yellow sapphire, multi colored sapphires, ruby, blue sapphire, and pearl. This increases the beauty value of the painting and it forms to be a perfect inclusion for your home décor. This art is an entirely manual process without the help of any machine and that increases its gorgeousness. The precious or semi-precious gemstones are crushed to form dust. Then it is pasted on the back side of a glass to form the entire picture. The carefully guided hands of the artisans give a new life to each of the painting that you can find in our gallery. Moreover, as they are all real so they will never fade away and always hold their precious look. This art form mainly captures the extensive life form in India. To be exact you will find different scenes from the rural area of India especially Rajasthan.