Do you know that the kind of purse that you carry tells a lot about your personality? As absurd as it may sound it is the truth that is not known by many! In this blog, you will get an insight into the kind of bags that you use and what they told about you.

ikat bags


Are you someone who just picks up a backpack wherever you go? You are more comfortable in traveling with such a bag rather than picking up different bags every day. It says that you are someone who cares only about the essentials of life and nothing else. Also, the happiness of an independent life is more important to you than materialistic things.

Tote bag

If you find yourself grabbing the ikat bags online as soon as it becomes available then you are someone who is opinionated. It is very important for you to voice your opinion even if it means that you become unpopular. Also, you are a goal-setter and can handle any kind of jumbled situation in life with total ease. You make sure to stand by your strong beliefs under any circumstances.

Printed Tote Bag from Jaipur


Are you a cross bag girl? You know what says that about you? It means you solely concentrate on those aspects of life that helps you being super functional. You understand what you need and make sure to get it in the best way possible. Your subtle yet bold style makes sure that you leave an impression wherever you visit.

Shoulder bag

You have elevated yourself to a position of status and you like to show it off! Way to go girl. When you don that chic shoulder bag it shows that you have total control over your life.

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