The only thing that comes to mind when you see the Kota Doria Dupattas is wow. These are ethnically designed dupattas that are sure to steal your heart. However, this article is not about the quality but the ways in which you can use them. Dupattas are a handy fashion accessory that can give a stylish boost to your look at any point in time. Today you will know about some of the amazing and simple ways through which you can turn your dupatta into your fashionable piece of clothing. Are you ready to give a makeover to your style statement and be a diva?

Vest it up

Fold your dupatta from both sides and then secure the corners where the side meets. Fold the arm homes and wear it like a vest. You can add a surprise in you boring dress with this innovative way.

Bandhani Print Dupatta

Be Bare

Drape the dupatta along your neck after taking the two corners. Then secure it with a pin. Now take the center to the rise side and pass it from under your arm. That will give you the armhole. Then continue by taking it to the top shoulder and fix with the drape that is behind your neck. Follow the same step for the other side and you are the new fashionista in town.

The best style

Recently got rajasthani bandhani dupatta Online? Thinking how to use it besides the traditional way? Fold the dupatta twice along the side of length then place around your shoulders. Now use a belt to secure the dupatta around your waist. Once done, set by pulling the dupatta from both sides. Now, you have a new fashion to show off to your friends.

Rajasthani Bandhani Print Dupatta

With few smart moves, you can actually turn your boring dupatta into something ultra fashionable. Are you ready to show your incredible fashion?