Did you know, a small addition to your home can give it a complete makeover? How about starting with a small change by gifting yourself a vintage letter and key holder? Made of wood, and designed in such a manner that they are perfect for carrying the weight of multiple keys with ease. Besides keeping your keys, you can also use them as pockets or holder for collecting letters.

Elegant décor

The organizer is something that will surely brighten up your entire room. Generally available in 7”*12” size, it has a depth of 3”. By the dimension, you can be sure that it has enough space. Besides the outer stylish aesthetics, it has about 9 hooks inside where you can comfortably hang the keys.

Key holder

Perfect for gift

Is this product fit to be used for your own use as home décor item only ? Absolutely not! For different festivals and occasions, this is a perfect gift that you will love to give. When you present this beautiful item, then you can surely see the smile of delight on their face. Now, that feeling you will surely love to explore.

Key Ring

About the design

The product is not any regular design but it carries the rich traditional art form of India. The items are made by the artisans from Kishangarh, Rajasthan. They use the precious ancient art forms that suit perfectly in your modern home. Thus, when you are getting one for your house then you can be sure that it will add on to the glamour and class.

Magazine Organizer

Where to get?

What are the places where you can get this gorgeous item? Well, it is not under mass production but crafted specifically in limited numbers. The site of Craftmagic.in is such which offers you with such amazing products. You just have to visit their site to get the same.

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