Rajasthani lac jewellery is a vital aspect in every bride’s trousseau. The lac or lacquer bangles and other pieces of jewellery are handmade in Rajasthan. Lac is a natural material extracted in the form of resinous substance deposited on the branches of different trees. Rajasthani lac jewellery is lined with lac inside the metal to make them smooth and impart strength.

Traditional wear

Now you can buy lac jewellery in Jaipur from the various eCommerce stores online. Rajasthani lac sets online shopping can now be done by browsing through a wide variety of options online and faster deliveries. This lac jewellery in Jaipur is now available in reasonable rates. Lac jewellery is an important part of the Rajasthani tradition and almost every married woman in Rajasthan will be sporting a lac jewellery piece. The breaking of bangles lined with lac inside is considered unfortunate in Rajasthani culture.

The modern take

If you do not believe in these age old customs and just want to adorn these lac jewellery pieces for a fashion statement, then too, you can match and pair them with your attire beautifully. Lac bangles are available in various multi-colours studded with stones. These stones impart a sparkle and make them look very dressy. Some are crafted with multi-coloured beads to enhance the look.

Lac Bangles

Bangles are an important part of Indian tradition and every state has different customs related to bangles. Lac Bangles are a common sight in Rajasthan. Married women will often be sported with multi-coloured lac bangles in various hues and various designs. If you like lac bangles and cannot travel to Jaipur to buy them, then you can easily source them from the various ecommerce sites online. These sites offer a wide variety with faster shipping and reasonable rates. Rajasthani lac sets online shopping can now be done from any corner of the world.

So, choose one today to revamp your look and match with your traditional attire. Make sure to select a good e-commerce site.