For corporate gifting, there are many types of items they select that are already can be included in the cliché list like wall clocks, T-shirts, god idols and many more. There are many innovative items you can give to your employees that can give a significant meaning to their lives. These items may look weird, but for people who use them daily, they are priceless. For example: ash tray.

There are many types of ash trays made of different materials available in the market. However, blue pottery ceramic made ash trays are generally popular due to aesthetic appeal and visual brilliance it offers.

Employees who smoke habitually will need ash trays and if you gift them handcrafted ash trays with personalised writing or design, they will surely love it. It is one of the best things you can do on this quarter sales meeting and people who smoke would love this exclusive gifting idea.

Blue pottery Ash Tray

These promotional ash trays are available in the market and you can choose them as per your preferences and budget. As we talked above, custom handmade ash trays are also available that has a huge popularity in India and you can also go for them too. Search on the internet with specific keywords and you will find such portals offering these handcrafted ash trays. You can also customise your company logo and other important information on this ash tray and it will surely work in your favour and serve the core purpose.

There is an extensive variety of shapes and designs available when it comes to ash trays. For example, you can go for playing cards ash trays, rectangle, slippers, CDs, cigars, bottles, cylinders, triangles and many more. You will be fascinated by the designs and unique appearances these ash trays offer.

Blue pottery Ash Tray in Blue Color

Materials used for ash tray making are steel, glass, leather, wood, aluminium, plastic, porcelain, crystal and many more. Also, a wide range of colors too are available and you can select as per your preferences.

If you have a good budget to spend on gifting, you can also gift different types of lighters along with ash trays and it will be a wonderful combination for smokers. Just go for it and make people smile with this unique gifting. You can buy these ash trays online to have some superior discounts on the prices and if you order in bulk, it will be more cost effective deal for you.

Handmade ash trays are more famous due to artwork associated with it and it will definitely blow the mind of the receiver. It will be an excellent personal collection to live up and it will be a proud possession for them.

Blue pottery Ash Tray in Dark Green Color

 Outdoor ashtrays, which are designed to stand freely on the ground, are also available and you can imprint them with your logo. They make excellent promotional gifts even though they are better for placing on the boundaries of your company's building in order to advertise to everyone who passes by. Apart from keeping ash trays in their houses, smokers also carry them to places that are not friendly to smoking. If you have your logo on an attractive ashtray, you can keep your business information in sight to a significant percentage of the country's population.