Got empty vases because you don’t have time to refill them with fresh flowers? Planning to throw them away? Then this is the perfect blog for you. Here you will know about fun ways in which you can use the vase when your flowers are gone. With a little creativity and a vase, you can give a stunning makeover to your room. Are you ready to know how?

Blue Pottery Vase

Light it up: Nothing is cozier than enjoying a fine dinner in candlelight to celebrate the chilly winter. However, candles often burn out fast. Put fat candles in your vase and keep in the center of the table. If transparent, it will reflect the light. If the vase isn’t transparent then it will create a mesmerizing picture of light and shadow.

Ice bucket: Sounds weird? Well, at times weird is fun! Replace the traditional ice bucket with a wide mouth vase. Surprise your guests and be a creative host too.

Ice bucket

Toilet paper holder: Believe it or not, if used properly, the vase is a perfect holder for your toiler papers. You can also use it to keep you bathroom stationary like toothbrush or toothpaste.

The pebble showpiece: For this, you will need a transparent vase. You can fill the base with white pebbles and then top with colorful sand. Keep repeating the layers until the vase is full. It is a perfect décor item for both your bedroom and your living room.

A piece of the sea: Fill it up with coral, sand, and plastic trees. Needless to say, it will certainly uplift the entire essence of the house.

Rajasthani Blue Pottery Vase

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