The first thing that anyone says when they come across a rajasthani bandhani dupatta is wow. Well, this is true not only for the Bandhani Dupatta Online but about the other types too. However, this blog is not about examining the beauties of this clothing item. It is to establish the fact that dupatta is not only solely for women. There are ways men can also make use of this item. It is especially beneficial for those who are going to be a groom or attending a wedding. Are you excited to know about the ways in which a desi groom makes use of this item? Also, proving that there are more benefits of Kota Doria Dupattas and suit than what meets the eye.

Bandhani Print Dupatta

  • One of the ways is using a floral dupatta with a solid colored sherwani. In this you need to make sure that it is well-fitted or it will ruin the look.
  • You know what suits perfectly with a gorgeous kurta? It is a solid colored dupatta. You can pick a complimentary color or same as the kurta you are wearing.
  • Get hold of embroidered scarf dupatta and use it around the neckline. While upholding the tradition look it also incorporates a modern-age fashion in a subtle manner. You can also get playful with colors.
  • Create a knot around the neckline of your kurta or jacket to showcase your amazing sense of fashion. Pashmina or cotton dupattas are very suited for this style. It also adds on a royal touch to your entire getup, if you choose lighter hues.
  • Use a floral printed dupatta to create a turban to match your sherwani. It is a smart look for a groom.

Here are some of the creative ways to use dupatta for a groom. Which one are you going to try?