Rajasthani handmade jewellery is traditional, oozes of the rich cultural heritage in India and is very colourful. Made of beads, stones and metal, these necklaces have a typical style and pattern. Handmade jewellery in Jaipur is often lined with lacquer to give it strength. Lac jewellery is also considered auspicious in their culture. These jewellery pieces are made by hand and speak volumes on the skilled craftsmanship in Rajasthan. These are wonderful gifting items for your mother, sister and wife. A woman will often want different colours, patterns and designs of necklaces in her wardrobe and Rajasthani necklaces offers a wide array of choices.

Semi precious stone jewellery

Enhance your style with Rajasthani Jewellery

Today jewellery comes in traditional and fancy styles. While the younger generation is more inclined towards the fancy stuff, the married women or elderly women still prefer traditional jewellery. A traditional necklace looks graceful with an Indian saree or dress while a fancy neckpiece looks great with western wear. Traditional earrings look great with heavy dresses and sarees. Rajasthani handmade bangles are an important part of their tradition and they look wonderful with Indian wear.

Semi precious stone jewellery

Buy Rajasthani jewellery online

Rajasthani handmade jewellery is now available online in various ecommerce stores across India. Many of these online portals source pretty and affordable necklaces from Rajasthani vendors and make them available to you at reasonable prices. One can choose between wide varieties of choices and avail one’s selection with quick delivery and affordable costs. From simple patterns to heavy and dressy necklaces, these ecommerce sites have it all.