You must have seen different customised mobile covers made of toughen plastic and they look fabulous. People just love to customise their belongings, especially gadgets as it looks different and unique and offers unparalleled appeal. If you are looking for such appeal, you should just go for handmade accessories that are perfect choice to make and will surely give you exceptional experience while using these belongings.

There are many types of handcrafted accessories you can find on the internet and you can choose as per your preferences and budget. Some of these craftmagic handcrafted items are listed below:

Laptop sleeves:

One of the most fascinating items is  and let me tell you, it will not only serve the purpose of keeping your laptop protected but also provide an aesthetic appeal to it. These sleeves are designed by the expert designers who understand your needs and are handcrafted by artisans. You will have plenty of choices to make from different designs and colors, and you can choose as per your preferences. By buying these sleeves, you will be contributing in supporting the Indian handicraft industry which comprises of these artisans trying to keep their traditional artform alive.  A must add item to the shopping wish-list.

Fridge Magnets:

You will be fascinated by the beauty of these handcrafted magnets and will unquestionably go for them without thinking twice. Beautiful designs that are carefully crafted on the piece of the magnets will surely lure your mind and soul. Various options in form of blue pottery , leather, paper quilling and others are available for these fridge magnets.

Handmade Fridge Magnet


Handcrafted notebooks made with handmade paper and interesting cover design is perfect for your stationary and will definitely act as a style statement. You will find a wide variety of options to choose from ranging from different colors and patterns . Just browse all the possible options and choose one that ensnares you.

Saffron Color Note Book

Tote Bags:

There is nothing more captivating than having tote bags on your shoulders while going for a shopping or office. These tote bags which are handcrafted , representing different traditional art forms of India are perfect addition to your wish-list. They are pretty functional with option of carrying laptop, I pad or Tablets and at the same time crafted to meet your requirement of keeping the usual stuff in your bag. Just go for it and grab an attention you deserve.

Handblock Printed Tote Bag

These handcrafted accessories carry an aesthetic appeal as well as meet the functional need and hence these are must have on one’s list.