A handmade multi color notebook enhances your college or office style. It showcases your sense of detailing and fun persona. It lets people know how much importance you give to your personal belongings. A handmade multi color notebook can be obtained online from craftmagic.in. These notebook are crafted patiently by hand by Rajasthani skilled craftsmen. The unique cloth cover binds the pages properly. This book can be a great gifting item for your near and dear ones. You can also keep it as your special diary of personal notes which can be treasured forever.

Various designs

There are various designs of these handmade multi color notebook in craftmagic.in. Choose from a wide range of books each of which feature a unique and pretty cover.

Look stylish in college with this handblock printed tote bag

Choose from a wide range of handblock printed tote bags online from craftmagic.in. These bags look smart, stylish and urban. These showcase your bold sense of personal style and will surely win you many praises from friends. It gets you a wow factor as you sling these bags over your shoulders with your smart college clothes.

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These handblock printed tote bags each feature a differently hued handblock print and designed done by hand by skilled artisans in Rajasthan. These are all tested and double checked to ensure of the quality. These bags are sturdy and offer plenty of space for storage.