There is an array of beautiful clothing that consists of Indian dresses. There are different pieces of clothes that complement each other in a perfect manner to give you a stunning look. Now, one of such piece of garment is the dupatta. If you are smart enough, then you can use it in such ways that will make sure that you give your entire outlook a solid boost. It is about time that you leave behind the lame ways of draping your dupatta and find something new.


Head cover

If you think that this is an old way of style, then you are absolutely right. However, there is a saying that “old is gold” and this is one of such moments. Especially during the festive seasons, you can put the dupatta over your head and give a twist to your traditional look in a good way. To add on to the sizzle go for a soft bun hairdo.

Single shoulder and arm

You know what makes someone have that oomph factor? It is the way you carry yourself. One of the ways is carrying your gorgeous rajasthani bandhani dupatta in this stylish manner. Drape one side over your shoulder and then pass from your back to sling it over your arm. Make sure to wear matching bangles to complete your look.

Around the neck

Do not waste the beauty of your Bandhani Dupatta Online in age-old draping style. Mix and match with different attire to elevate your look. One of the ways is wearing a kurta and jeans then putting the dupatta around your neck. It helps in magnifying the whole look of your attire.

rajasthani bandhani dupatta

Shoulder pin

When you have a gorgeous dupatta then the only thing you should do is show it off. Pin on one side and let it fall all the way.