When you have left your home looking the same way for more than 6 months, then you get this feeling of boredom. In reality, it is also not possible to keep changing your décor style frequently. Besides costing you money, it will also take up a lot of time. That is why, here are such handmade decorative items for home ideas that you can keep using by mixing and matching. They will help in introducing the fresh wave of change in your home. Are you ready to know about them?

Round Green Ceramic Pot


Be it big pot or the small ones, they serve as excellent ways for decorating your home. You can keep one at the center table of your house and fill it with fresh flowers every day. The best part is that this is such a type of handmade decorative items for home that can also serve as a perfect gift for different occasions.


You know what never goes out of style? Yes, mirrors! No, not the single piece of glass that hangs from the wall but the decorative pieces that can add an extra zing to your home. The best places to put mirror as a decorative piece is in your sitting room or bedroom. If you pick a stylish one, then you can use it in your kitchen too.

Art grouping

It can be images of your family, favorite object, or something else. Get them framed in a nice way and stack in a group in the wall of your sitting room. You will feel there is an instant lift in the mood of the entire décor.

Candle stand

There was a time when this item was more functional than décor items. However, presently the candle stands are used to make your house look beautiful. You can use it in any part of the house.

Candle stand